Introduction of Shozo Michikawa

Shozo Michikawa was born in Hokkaido, the most northern area of Japan, in 1953. After graduated Aoyama Gakuin University in 1975, he settled his base of ceramics activity to Seto, Aichi. His exhibitions are held widely in Japan and foreign countries like Phillipines, Mongolia, France, USA, and UK.


Awards and Collection

Awards and Distinctions

2005 Ravenna Grand Prix CERAM ICAM OSAICO


2006 Beijing China-Japan Exchange Center
  Xi'an Qinglingsi Temple
2007 Philadelphia Philadelphia Museum of Art
2009 Wales National Museum of Wales
  Wales Aberystwyth University of Wales
2010 USA Losangels County Museum of Art
2012 Germany Modern Glass & Ceramic Museum of Coburg
2013 Japan Shimada city Museum
2014 Germany The Museum in Hamburg
2015 Wales National Museum of Wales

Foreign Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

1996 Manila Hiraya Gallery
1997 Manila Hiraya Gallery
2001 Ulaan baatar Art Gallery
  Beijing Forbidden City
  Shandong Shandong Museum
  Asheville Blue Spiral Gallery
2006 Brussels Puls Contemporary Gallery
  London Galerie Besson
2008 Paris Clara Scremini Gallery
2009 London Galerie Besson
2011 Germany Leipzig Terra Rossa
  Belgium Brussels Puls Contemporary Gallery
  USA NYC Cavin Morris Gallery
  UK London Erskine Hall & Coe
2012 France paris Galerie Helene Poree
  Canada Quebec MATERIA
2013 Suisse Geneva Peter Kummermann
  UK London Erskine Hall & Co
2014 France paris Helene Aziza
  Germany Frankfurt Galerie Friendrich Muller
2015 Belgium Brusels Puls Contemporary Gallery
  France Paris Mizen Gallery
  UK London Erskin Hall&Coe
2016 Singapore Di Legno Gallery
  Germany Galerie Friedrich Muller
  Chile Centro Cultural Las Condes in Santiago

Group Exhibitions

1996 Paris Terres de Provence 「101Pitcher Exhibition」
1999 London GALERIE BESSON 「Gallery Pots」
2002 New York Daiichi Gallery 「Accompaniments of Tea」
2003 London GALERIE BESSON 「Summer Exhibition」
2004 London GALERIE BESSON 「Japanese Ceramics」
  Lancaster Maiden Bridge Farm 「Maiden Bridge Exhibition」
  Chicago SOFA Chicago
2005 Ravenna 「Ceremica mosaico exhibition」
  London GALERIE BESSON 「Summer Exhibition」
  Atlanta The Signature Shop & Gallery 「2人展 with JOY BROWN」
2006 London Galerie Besson 「Japanese Crafts Exhibition」
2008 New York 「SOFA NY」
  Scotland The Scottish Gallery「A Japanese Dialogue」
  Yorkshire 「The Great North Art Show」
  London Galerie Besson「Twenty Years - Twenty Pots」
  Sussex Sussex Barn Gallery「Tutor Exhibition」
  France International Ceramics,Giroussens
2009 USA Soft Beauty of Traditional Shinos
  USA The Art of japanese Craft 1870 to the Present
  Chicago SOFA Chicago
2010 USA NYC SOFA New York
  Germany Koln Museum Ludwig "pots & paper"
  UK London Galerie Besson "summer exhibition"
  Holland Harlem Keramicos collection
2011 UK London Galerie Besson "pots from seven countries"
  USA Seattle, NYC Artr of Pacfic Asia show
2012 Germany Munich International trade fair "Modern masters"
  USA Seattle NCECA "The world in a cup"
2014 France sevres Art Ceram
  UK london Japanese ceramics
  Uk Oxford The oxford ceramicsGallery "Tea Bowl Show"
  India Delhi ICC DELHI 2014 Art Fair
2015 Japan Shimada Shimada City Museum
  UK london International Ceramics
2016 Milano Officine Saffi "Contemporary Japanese Ceramics"
  Singapore Singapore Contemporary Art show

Japan Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

1995 Osaka Hankyu Department Store Gallery
1997 Tokyo Tokyu Department Store Gallery
2000 Tokyo Tobu Department Store Gallery
  Kurashiki Mitsukoshi Department Store Gallery
2001 Tokyo Tobu Department Store Gallery
2003 Shizuoka Matsuzakaya Department Store Gallery
  Tokyo Tobu Department Store Gallery
2005 Shizuoka Wa-noi
2007 Tokyo Gallery Tokyo Eizo
2008 Nagoya Gallery hu
2009 Osaka Gallery oyama
2011 Nagoya Galerie hu
2013 Tokyo Nihonbashi MITUKOSHI Art Gallery
2014 Nagoya Galerie hu
2016 Seto Seto Ceramics and Glass Art Center


Higham Hall, England, 2003-2012
West Dean College, England, 2007-

I also have workshops in all over the world such as Belgium, France, Ireland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Fermany, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Republic of the Philippines, Mongolia, South Korea

International Ceramic Art Festival in Sasama (ICAF)
I have managed International Ceramic Art Festival in Sasama as art director. (2011/ 2013/2015)



1989.4.10 Japan The Nikkei
1997.3.20 Philippine The Philippine Jounal
2001.7.21 Mongolia Eheeaep
2003.8.12 Italy Faenza
2005.7.12 Chaina 人民日報
2010.7 Germany Stadt Oldenburg
2011.6.26 USA The Transylvania Times
2012.8.25 Quebec Le Soleil
2013.11.17 Japan The Hokkaido Shimbun Press
2016.2 Milan Artribune Interview of Shozo Michikawa
2016.6 Chile VD el mercurio


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2008 Issue71 USA Australia Ceramics Art and Perception by Michael C. Stewart
2009 Jul/Aug UK Ceramic Review by Simon Martin
2010 #3 Holland Keramiek by keramikos
2011 Mar/Apr Germany New Ceramics by Sally Schone
2012 Mar/Apr UK Ceramics Art and Perception by Michael C. Stewart
2012 #2 China DAO CLAYFORM by Dr.IChi Hsu
2013 Jan/Feb France Ceramique et du Verre by Pascale Nobecourt
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2018 ITALY LA CERAMICA by Flaminio Gualdoni


2004,05,08,09 Chicago SOFA CHICAGO
2005 Italy ceramicamosaico
2008,09,10,12 NY SOFA NEW YORK
2008 USA The Art of Japanese Craft By Felice Fischer Philadelphia Museum of Art
2008 11 France CAMARD
2009 USA The SPIRIT of Ceramic DESIGN By Robert Piepenburg
2011 UK Collect
2014 France Art Ceram